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Friday, October 17, 2014

Aussie Film Fest 10/25/2014

As part of our On the Same Page: The Light Between Oceans celebration during the month of October, on Saturday the 25th, the Roselle Public Library will host an all-day Aussie Film Fest, showcasing some of the world class cinema that has come out of Australia. (To be held in the Library Atrium, 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., light refreshments will be served.)

During the festival we will be offering both a hand-picked selection of landmark Australian films and a "Viewers' Choice" of popular titles.

For U.S. film buffs, Peter Weir was really the first major Australian director that most of us learned about. Movies like Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Last Wave, Gallipoli, and The Year of Living Dangerously alerted the world that Australian film-making was worthy of a global audience. The names of some of his later Hollywood films would probably be familiar even to casual movie watchers: Witness, The Mosquito Coast, Green Card, and Dead Poet's Society.

As American audiences have discovered over the years, Australian film encompasses every genre. We thought we'd seen most of the more celebrated films of the last few decades, but there were plenty of new discoveries for us as we prepared for this event, including a delightful and uniquely Australian story, The Castle, directed by Rob Sitch.

Below are brief trailers for some of the films we've been watching in preparation for our festival.

Gallipoli, 1981, dir. Peter Weir
Gallipoli depicts the personal stories of two Australian sprinters caught up in the famous World War I battle fought in Turkey.

Picnic at Hanging Rock, 1975, dir. Peter Weir
Based on a true story, this film dramatizes the unexplained disappearance of a group of Australian school girls during a picnic in the Outback.

The Castle, 1997, dir.Rob Sitch
The Castle is a comedy about a Melbourne family's fight to remain in their home in the face of an expansion of their local airport.

Below are some examples of Australian movies available on DVD in our catalog. Click on the images to see their complete listings.

Muriel's Wedding The Sapphires The road from Coorain Rabbit-proof fence Shine Australia

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Low Vision Resources at the Library

AT ROSELLE PUBLIC LIBRARY YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE LATEST BEST SELLERS … IN LARGE PRINT Roselle Public Library offers many current best sellers in large print format. Library users with low vision or, just those of us who find large type easier for late night reading, can stop by the Library and discover what’s new in the Large Print collection. You can contact Adult Services at 630.529.1641 ext. *211 for more information about the Large Print collection.

DID YOU KNOW THE LIBRARY OWNS A VIDEO MAGNIFIER FOR LOW VISION PATRONS? Now low vision residents can read, view pictures and complete written business documents with the help of a 22 inch HD Video Magnifier, a generous donation from the Roselle Lions Club. For more information about this literacy tool and other low vision resources that the Roselle Public Library provides for the community, contact the Adult Services Department at 630-529-1641 ext. *211 or check our website.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Be A Savvy Consumer--Take Advantage of Great Programs & Speakers at the Library

In September the Library is offering several free programs of interest to savvy consumers:

Medicare Open Enrollment will soon be here! On Monday, September 22 at 7:00 p.m. insurance expert David Wylly details what Medicare covers, what it doesn't, and the options for additional coverage. Medicare Supplements, Part D Drug Prescription coverage, and Advantage Plans, will also be discussed in the Medicare 101 seminar.

John Pankau
Don’t Sign On the Dotted Line -- understanding contracts and leases is incredibly important. A lot of people just sign on the dotted line, or check the “I agree” box without actually reading the contract. Attorney John Pankau will discuss key points to look out for when signing a contract or a lease, with a particular concentration in common landlord/tenant disputeson Tuesday, September 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library meeting room.

Get Ready for Hallowe'en -- Discover the Haunted Side of Chicago! Get your "ghost" on with a virtual tour of Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins -- Haunted Chicago! Tour guide Clarence Goodman return to the Library on Tuesday, September 30, at 7:00 p.m. to get us all set for Hallowe'en next month!

Call 630.529.1641 to register for these programs or register online through the Library Events Calendar. Programs take place in the Library meeting rooms.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Men's Book Discussion Goodreads Group

We're trying something new this year for the Men's Book Discussion Group--an online Goodreads group to supplement our conversation.

Some positives about having such a group, include:

  • The ability to share information about our books that might be useful for discussion purposes
  • The ability to exchange ideas with other group members before the formal discussion takes place
  • The possibility of having some form of interaction with the group in the event you cannot attend a particular meeting

Of course, we'd encourage you to come to the meetings in the Library of the Men's Book Discussion group, which meets monthly, September through May (excluding December), from 7-8 p.m. But if you're too busy to attend, we'd more than welcome your participation online, if that's all you have time for.

Visit the Adult Men's Book Discussion Group on Goodreads

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Comics Corner: 'Tis the Season of Heroes

Guardians of the Galaxy

It was hard to miss the buzz this summer surrounding the latest theatrical film release from Marvel Studios, Guardians of the Galaxy, a sci-fi epic packed with equal parts action and humor.

And long-time readers of graphic novels and comics know that with the coming fall television season, there will soon be a bounty of comic book-inspired programs to choose from. Following upon the success of the CW’s Arrow, about to enter its third season, a spin-off program based on DC Comics’ scarlet speedster, The Flash, will make its debut on that same network on October 7th. The Fox network Batman sans Batman series, Gotham, will hit the airwaves September 22.

Green Arrow: Year One

ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have its second season premiere on September 23rd, and a related series from Marvel Studios, Agent Carter, is expected to debut in January 2015. The original comic books that the television series derives from date from the late 1960s era of classic Marvel Comics. Nick Fury, previously the star of the action-packed World War II comic Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, was reimagined as a James Bond-like hero of the Spy-fi genre. Writer Stan Lee came up with the name “S.H.I.E.L.D.” based on a hugely popular spy TV series of the time, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Artist Jim Steranko, now considered a legendary and vastly influential figure in the history of American comics, worked with Stan Lee to bring a distinctly ‘60s visual vibe to the book, informed by graphic design, surrealism, and pop art.

The Roselle Public Library has many of the books that inspired these films and television shows, if you’re curious to see where the ideas came from, or if you need a fix while eagerly awaiting the TV series to debut. We also have the new release on DVD and Blu-ray of Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as the graphic novel that inspired the film.

Mentioned here are just a few of the titles we have to offer, so stop by graphic novel section the next time you're in the library.

Just click on the images to see the entry for each item in our catalog!

Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America: Winter Soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sitting on a Gold Mine of Free eBooks

If you’ve discovered the joy of reading ebooks and are a lover of classic literature, perhaps you’ve already noticed the wealth of material in the public domain that’s out there, ready to download to your ereader or tablet at little or no cost. Many public domain works are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble for free or for a nominal fee. But there are other sources for free ebooks that you may keep, including your very own Roselle Public Library.

If you’re not familiar with the library’s ebook lending services, stop reading this now, and go here to find out more about our offerings: Downloadable Music, eBooks and eAudiobooks.

But if you're a veteran library ebook user, go ahead and log in to the eMedia Library. Once you are logged in, scroll down until you see the graphic that says “Additional eBooks Always Available;” click on it and you will be redirected to a searchable and browsable collection of public domain ebooks, in a variety of genres, all in the Adobe EPUB format. These are all books that once downloaded, are yours "forever."

eMedia Library Public Domain Collection
You needn’t be logged in to eMedia to take advantage of this resource; just click on the following link and you will be directed to the same catalog of public domain ebooks: Additional eBooks Always Available.

If you’re interested in finding more titles, and in formats other than EPUB, there are a few websites you might want to try,, Project Gutenberg, and the Internet Archive—none of which charge for their services or require you to create an account of any kind. offers more than 29,000 free eBooks available for Kindle, Nook, iOS devices like iPad, and many other eReaders. is searchable by author, title, genre, and spotlights new additions and recommendations from readers.

If you’re a fan of Mystery, Horror, or Science Fiction, there are many foundational texts of genre literature to be found here. For example, a search for Edgar Rice Burrough, yields a remarkable list of available titles, including his Princess of Mars series and many from Tarzan of the Apes. Edgar Rice Burroughs on

Here are a couple of more examples:
Arthur Conan Doyle
Edgar Allan Poe

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is perhaps the motherlode of free public domain ebooks with over 45,000 titles to choose from, and is the source of many of the digital files that other websites rely on to fill their catalogs. Project Gutenberg is a global volunteer initiative to digitize and archive the classics of world literature and encourage the distribution of ebooks.

If you'd like to browse their collection rather than search it, Project Gutenberg has created a simple "Bookshelf" system that allows the user to drill down into various categories and genres of book, sifting through the enormous amount of content in a simple, user-friendly way. Project Gutenberg Bookshelf

Curious about what other folks are downloading and reading? Check out the list of Project Gutenberg's "Top 100"

Internet Archive
Lastly, offering free ebooks and more, including streaming and downloadable audio and video, the Internet Archive, has over 6,000,000 public domain ebooks. More than just a browsable or searchable catalog, the Internet Archive is a portal to many sub-collections and partner websites brimming with free content, and is well-worth some time spent exploring its many corners.

One unusual example of downloadable content that the Internet Archive offers, is a collection of pulp fiction magazines published from 1896 through the 1950s. These magazines can be read online or downloaded and read on your computer, tablet, or ereader. The Pulp Magazine Archive

The Internet Archive is a treasure trove for fans of Old Time Radio (OTR). Here are just two examples of their massive OTR collection, available to stream or download:
The Shadow Radio Recordings
Jack Benny: The Jell-O Program

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Reading Adult Book Review: Hunger

Hunger Book Title: Hunger

Author: Elise Blackwell

Review: Hunger is a short fiction book about Leningrad, Russia during World War II. It is the story of scientists who protected seeds that were from ancient plants. There is also a subplot about the narrator’s wife and mistresses. I liked that it discussed Ancient Babylon and its culture. The choices the narrator and his wife make are interesting. It makes you think about the daily decisions in a time of war.

Reviewed by: Lynn R.

Find Hunger in our catalog.

(Note: Adults who participated in Summer Reading and submitted an original review of one of the books they read were entered into a special prize drawing. The winner will be notified soon!)

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