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Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Reading Adult Book Review: Hubble

Hubble: The Mirror on the Universe Book Title: Hubble: The Mirror on the Universe

Author: Robin Kerrod

Review: Hubble Space Telescope orbits the Earth in near-earth space. It takes sky pictures in both visible and invisible electromagnetic wave lengths, revealing the “wonderful, mysterious and awesome universe” (pg. 13). Many full-page (9"x12"), full-color pictures* from HST and other telescopes illustrate the text. It is very readable and has a glossary to help out. The book gives an overview of astronomy, explaining objects in the sky and where they fit in the birth, life and (possible) death of the universe. Our sun will run out of hydrogen fuel in about 5 billion years and eventually become a red giant, using helium for fuel. This red giant will engulf Mercury and Venus, and burn the Earth to a crisp. Only about 10% of the universe is ‘visible’ to us now; the other 90% is currently called dark matter, and can only be studied indirectly.

Our current ‘address’ is: Village of Roselle, DuPage County, State of Illinois, United States of America, North American Continent, Earth, Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Cluster, Universe. A new, livable planet must be discovered which the human race can colonize within these 5 billion years.

Maybe Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard will inspire a currently obscure, genius-astronomer to make a breakthrough into the unknown.

*Some photos are also seen in the TV series Cosmos. E.g., Ring Nebula in Lyra, M57 (ppg. 54-55).

Reviewed by: Doris O.

Find Hubble: The Mirror on the Universe in our catalog.

(Note: Adults who participated in Summer Reading and submitted an original review of one of the books they read were entered into a special prize drawing. The winner will be notified soon!)

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