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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Reading Book Review: Message in a Bottle

Book Title: Message in a Bottle

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed By: Chelsea B.

In his novel Message in a Bottle, Nicholas Sparks chronicles Theresa Osborne's life-defining journey to find the man responsible for the mysteriously tragic love letter sealed in a bottle she happened upon one morning while running along the coast. After submitting the letter for publication in her column, Theresa soon discovers others across the country have made similar findings - so similar, in fact the letters all appear to be from the same forlorn love-lost author. Setting out to find who could possibly be the face behind such poetic beauty, Theresa soon finds and falls - quickly - in love with Garrett Blake, love letter author and diver extraordinaire. Sparks' plot takes readers along for the ride that is Garrett's and Theresa's journey to finding true love and trust in one another while being able to let go of a burdensome past. However, the lovers' commitment to one another comes too late as Garrett is lost at sea trying to make peace with his past in order to move forward with Theresa.

In typical Sparks fashion, this adventuresome romance lures readers in with the fairy-tale-like plot and passion between two people obviously victim to "love at first sight." While the author accomplishes his goal of keeping his readers turning the pages into wee hours of the night (and coming back for more, as I believe my review last year was also on a different Nicholas Sparks novel), I cannot help but feel a bit disappointed upon completion of each of his novels at the cliché and predictable endings that have become so common - almost trademark - of his writing. While thoroughly enjoying the book, I also find myself asking "why did I not choose another novel to spend my time with, knowing each of his stories follows and ends much the same as the last?"

The conclusion I have come to concerning Message in a Bottle is that the novel is a great escapist, beach read for someone looking to get lost in a book without having to put forth too much mental or spiritual digging; in essence, what you see is what you get. However, if what you crave is something more complex that will sit with you for a while, I would not recommend the fairy-tales of Nicholas Sparks.

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