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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Reading Book Review: No Easy Day

Book Title: No Easy Day

Author: Mark Owen

Reviewed By: Laura K.

Though I have little in common with the Navy Seals, I was challenged by the character described by this extraordinary group in the military. Talk about overcoming obstacles! Also, any techie would love the description of the technology Navy Seals use on their missions. If you are having a challenging day, there's nothing like reading about guys running with 60lb bulletproof vests toward a helicopter with limited fuel to encourage you to press on!

Why I Picked it Up: The title.

Why I Finished It: I was stunned by what these guys did in an average mission. Was often a cliffhanger.

I’d Give this Book To: Anybody and everybody (unless you are greatly offended by a few swear words...given what these military personnel are doing, we should give them some grace in this area).

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