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Saturday, October 8, 2016

On the East Wall: As I See It! by Kenneth Carlson

If you've used the computers or the study carrels along the East Wall recently, you've probably noticed a few new photos, from familiar landmarks like the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel to a mosaic of ice on the Chicago River.

They're the work of local photographer Kenneth Carlson, whose exhibition As I See It! ducks and weaves through the streets, alleys, and architecture of Chicago across about two dozen photos.

Carlson, an educator for 49 years, has had "a lifelong interest in the arts and photography."

"As I went on, I became serious about photography and that has led me to an interest in digital art," he said. "I photograph a variety of topics, but my favorites are architectural studies, particularly in Chicago, because Chicago presents a myriad of possibilities with fascinating views tucked away from casual observation."

Some of those views incorporate recognizable buildings from fresh perspectives. One particularly thought-provoking piece is a building refracted through a circular lens so it appears upside-down. Several photos also document the aquatic drama of the coast of Chicago, capturing stormy waves in shades of blue, green, and gray.

"I like to look at things a little differently and that is why I call my work As I See It!," Carlson said.

His work even has a component of preservation.

"I hope to expand my views of Chicago and explore the architecture of the different neighborhoods, as well as looking at foreign architecture," he said. "I am interested in preserving images of those things that may not be around much longer."

To learn more about Kenneth Carlson's photography, visit


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