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Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Reading Book Review: Red Rising

Book Title: Red Rising (Red Rising #1)

Author: Pierce Brown

Reviewed By: Lynn D.

Darrow is a Red in a society where red is the lowest of the lowColors and the Golds are in charge. He is married to Eo, the love of his life. They live underground by the mines on Mars. At 16, he is the youngest helldiver on Mars. He operates a huge and complex drill, mining Helium-3 that is used to terraform planets to make them habitable for humans. He is happy with his life, his job and his family.

Eo is not happy. She knows there is more to life than the precious little the Reds are allowed to enjoy. One evening she gives Darrow a peek at the world above them… and the Golds hunt her down and hang her.

This is the end of life as Darrow knows it. He is devastated, full of rage and grief, and about to commit suicide when his uncle steals him away to a secret society that is trying to undermine the Golds’ power and “break the chains” that have held the lowColors down for so long. The Sons of Ares transform Darrow, body and mind, into a Gold so he can infiltrate their society and destroy it from the inside.

This is when the story takes off. Has he been trained well enough to “pass?” Is his backstory believable? Who can he trust? Who are the “Sons of Ares?” Can he accomplish their goals and yet stay true to himself? Can one person make a difference? So many questions!

The author tells the story brilliantly leaving you with just enough of a cliff-hanger at the end to make you run out and get Golden Son, the next book in the trilogy – or download it so you can start it immediately.

Why you picked it up: Several of my friends on Goodreads recommended it.

Why you finished it: I couldn't put it down. It is a classic "good vs. evil" story about freedom fighters, love, friendship, trust, hate, revenge, and more - an epic adventure.

Who you would recommend it to: I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure stories and/or SciFi.

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