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Monday, August 28, 2017

#Random Review: Fodor's Travel 2016 England

Book Title: Fodor's Travel 2016 England

Author: Robert Andrews

Reviewed By: Lynn R.

Fodor's Travel 2016 England is a wonderful resource. It is more than just a hotel and restaurant guide. There is information on the history of England, maps of the land and the transportation system. The book offers helpful suggestions for pre-travel. There is even an explanation of the food terms. Blood pudding is definitely not like our chocolate pudding!

Why you picked it up: I picked up the travel guide because my son was traveling to England for a school trip. We both enjoyed learning about things he was going to see.

Why you finished it: There were many random tips on how to save money, other websites to visit, and itineraries to follow.

Who you would recommend it to: I would recommend this book (or other travel books) to anyone planning a vacation. By using the Roselle library, we saved $25 on the purchase of the book plus the other travel books that we both checked out.

Find the eBook and print editions of Fodor's Travel 2016 England in our catalog.

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