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Monday, August 14, 2017

#Random Review: The Rescue

Book Title: The Rescue 

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Reviewed By: Chelsea B.

Action speaks louder than words: a book review of The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks.
While fans and familiarized readers of Nicholas Sparks have come to readily understand the plot and storyline of many of his novels (as they follow a pretty systematic romance scheme), I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing tone of Sparks' novel The Rescue. While this novel also followed Sparks' predictability (a blossoming romance between two individuals simultaneously experiencing a great challenge that will either lead to heartbreak or endearment in the final pages), great emphasis was placed on the value of actions by those we love - and who love us back - in respect to proving that great love. Often, Sparks' novels are sprinkled with beautiful quotes and declarations of love, while the hero of The Rescue, Taylor, demonstrates his love for Denise through his selflessness and trust.

The novel is not lacking in the poetic terminology so characteristic of Sparks' novels; however, the author places greater emphasis on describing the thought processes and feelings behind the actions taking place - in a way that I have not encountered with his other novels. For Sparks to be able to tap into this kind of inherency by way of words and description, his true talent as a writer shines through in a different, refreshing avenue of thought.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would definitely recommend it to a friend. The Rescue, in my opinion, is one of Sparks' better novels and leaves readers feeling very in touch with its main characters - in a way that is not often felt in his other romance-laden pieces.

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