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Monday, September 25, 2017

#RandomReview: Why Dinosaurs Matter

Book Title: Why Dinosaurs Matter

Author: Kenneth Lacovara

Reviewed By: Lynn D.

Why Dinosaurs Matter is an immensely readable book. Dr. Kenneth Lacovara writes in an engaging, conversational style that holds your interest from the first sentence ("Albert Einstein was a complete and utter failure." - what???) to the last ("Maybe we can be like the dinosaurs... the adaptable champions of an era.").

While he defends dinosaurs as "champions of [their] era," his main point is that we can learn from them. His explanation of the slow "discovery" of deep time and evolution is fascinating. Which one of these is a dinosaur: a mosasaur; a pterosaur; a crocodile; or a penguin? The answer is an understandable lesson in evolution. Why does T. rex have such short arms? Read the chapter on "The King" to find out.

Chapter by chapter, Dr. Lacovara shares his love of paleontology and encourages us to love it, too. His chapter, Dinosaur Apocalypse, is both riveting and moving, but it is the final chapter that really explains why dinosaurs matter. Dinosaurs didn't see their end coming. There was nothing they could have done to alter their fate. Humans, on the other hand, are ushering in their own demise. We can see how we are damaging the environment and we have a choice to change things. Will we create the sixth mass extinction, or learn from the past? You really should read this book!

Why you picked it up: I will admit that I was predisposed to read this book because I knew the author's father. That being said, I was enthralled from the first sentence to the end. (Note, I gave this book 5 stars in my review on Goodreads - I don't think I have ever given a book 5 stars before - it was THAT good!).

Why you finished it: I simply couldn't put it down. As one who seldom reads non-fiction, and even less often "dinosaur books," I was surprised by how readable and enjoyable I found the book.

Who you would recommend it to: Everyone! Especially anyone who like science, or paleontology or dinosaurs... and anyone who is concerned about our environment.

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