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Thursday, April 12, 2018

#RandomReview: Craig & Fred

Book Title: Craig & Fred

Author: Craig Grossi

Reviewed By: Laraine P.

I am an avid dog lover and also have great admiration for the men and women who serve in the military. So when I first saw this book described on a Facebook posting, I came in asking about it. The relationship first between the dog (Fred) and the soldier (Craig) was interesting to watch as it developed. Apparently there are many dogs overseas where our soldiers are serving so it's not unusual to see them.What is unusual in this true story is how the dog attaches himself to the unit.The second most interesting part of this man's story is how he shares his own military experiences while serving and then how he shares his experience once back home.

Why you picked it up: It was appealing to me in so many ways as it is enjoyable to me to watch as relationships develop whether it be between humans or between humans and animals.

Why you finished it: Are you kidding with this question? I couldn't put the book down. Craig's story is so interesting that I found every opportunity I could to continue reading to find out how things get resolved. The descriptions of the military experiences were vivid enough to give the reader the opportunity to learn more about what it is like for our soldiers serving in foreign countries.The book is not quite 300 pages which makes it easy to finish in just a few days.

Who you would recommend it to: This book would appeal to young adults and adults alike. If someone has any interest at all in the attachments soldiers make with each other and with the dogs that they work with (or become attached to) then I think that this book would appeal to them.

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