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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Reading Book Review - Radio Girls

Book Title: Radio Girls

Author: Sarah-Jane Stratford

Reviewed By: Pam D.

It is the late 1920's and the early stages of the new radio station call the BBC. A new program call "Talks" has been introduced to the air waves. It becomes very popular with its listeners. But because of some of the topics discussed on the program, the head of the BBC always wants to control what the guests say and the topics they discuss. Especially women's right to vote.

Why you picked it up: I liked the time period and wanted to know more about the beginnings of the BBC. The people who were at the beginning stages and what made it so successful. Many of the characters were real people and at the end of the novel the author writes about their lives and what was true in the book. The young woman that is at the center of the story is fictitious but her story is very interesting.

Why you finished it: I always wanted to know who the next guest was going to be on the "Talks" program and what their topic was. The characters were compelling and I wanted to know how they were going to move up in their careers. Working women were not common and had a hard time making their way in a career. There was a very satisfying ending and of course the BBC is still in existence.

Who you would recommend it to: I would recommend it to anyone who was interested in the history of the BBC or the time period between the two world wars. Someone who likes strong characters and story. There are hints of problems in England with Germany and what some businesses are trying to do in England to further their political causes and their bank accounts.

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