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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Summer Reading Book Review - The Reason You're Alive

Book Title: The Reason You're Alive

Author: Matthew Quick

Reviewed By: Gordon P.

A very timely read in a time of increased division in our country. The protagonist is a somewhat cranky Vietnam veteran who tells the story of how he sought to make right a broken relationship after the Vietnam war. Along the way, he gets us to question what is really politically correct--our speech or our actions. By demonstrating that actions are often more powerful than words, he gets us to look at ourselves and ask how we really view others. The language is what you might expect from an old soldier--but if you look past the words, you will find true tenderness and cause to pause and reflect on your own life. It's worth the investment of time.
If you like violence and an entertaining read, this is the book for you.

Why you picked it up: The blurb sounded interesting.

Why you finished it: The characters were compelling and felt complex and real. The story asked questions that needed an answer.

Who you would recommend it to: People who enjoy contemporary literary fiction and those who enjoy having their thinking stretched by books.

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