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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Summer Reading Book Review - Digital Photography FAQz

Book Title: Digital Photography FAQz

Author: Jeff Wignal

Reviewed By: Lynn R.

Digital Photography FAQz by Jeff Wignal is an online book on eMediaLibrary. It has the answers to many questions about digital photography from the simple to questions I would not have even known to ask. It is very concise and using the search function, you can find answers quickly. It covers information on cameras, accessories, lenses, and gear. There are answers about basic photography techniques. A section on creative shooting techniques is also included.

Why you picked it up: After watching the Kanopy video entitled "Getting Beyond the Postcard: The Art of Travel Photography," I thought of looking up some photography books. (I also highly recommend the Kanopy videos which have a vast range of offerings from classics to more current movies).

Why you finished it: I was gifted an older digital camera but know very little about the many options on my camera. This is more of a reference book with so much information to absorb so it it really a book you never finish reading.

Who you would recommend it to: I would recommend this to a person that owns or is thinking of purchasing a digital camera.

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