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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

#RandomReview - Of Blood and Bone

Book Title: Of Blood and Bone

Author: Nora Roberts

Reviewed By: Laraine P.

The second book in a series by Roberts does not fail to take the reader's imagination straight into a different world. One continues the journey with the survivors as they await the coming of THE ONE. It's a little slow at the start but picks up as it moves along the way. It does not disappoint!

Why you picked it up: I read Year One and couldn't wait for the second book to see what would happen to the people who suffered through so much. As people patiently await the coming of THE ONE who is to save them, many stories come out about their experiences. You will want more by the end of this one!

Why you finished it: Once I got to the last 50 pages I couldn't put the book down. What would happen? Would THE ONE be accepted as a leader? Would they be successful in their quest of light against dark?

Who you would recommend it to:  Junior high and up would enjoy this book. There are teens in the story that they would identify with and enjoy.

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