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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

#RandomReview - Kingdom of the Blind

Book Title: Kingdom of the Blind

Author: Louise Penny

Reviewed By: Lynn D.

Louise Penny is such an extraordinary author. Readers including myself, have grown to love Armand Gamache, his family, his colleagues at the Sûreté du Québec, and his friends and neighbors in Three Pines. And, along the way, we have grown to love Ms. Penny as well. She has shared her life and her husband's death with the world. The acknowledgements at the end of the book are heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Above it all, she is a wonderful storyteller.

If you have never read Louise Penny's books, don't start with this one. Go back and start at the beginning with Still Life, so you get to know the characters and the setting (an important character on it's own) gradually.

In the previous book, Gamache and his homicide department broke a drug ring that threatened to devastate Montréal and beyond with a deadly version of fentanyl. Unfortunately, although the cartel was stopped, large quantities of the drug were not recovered. Consequently, Gamache was suspended from the force. Now he is trying to find the drug before it hits the street. At the same time, he, Myrna, a friend from Three Pines, and a man from Montréal have been named litigators (or executors) for the will of a person none of them knew.

Why are the three of them litigators of the will? How will Gamache find the drugs and will he find them in time? Will he be reinstated as Chief Inspector? What does Clara's painting of Ruth as the Virgin Mary have to do with anything? (And what of Jean-Guy, Isabelle, Amelia, Gabri, Olivier, and Rosa the duck??) You must read this book!

Why you picked it up: I love Louise Penny's books. Could not wait to get my hands on this when it came out. Unfortunately, I had to wait my turn on the holds list, but that made it all the more enticing when I finally got it.

Why you finished it: It's a whodunit and why. I had to find out.

Who you would recommend it to: People who love mysteries and small towns (and ducks).

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