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Friday, July 5, 2019

Summer Reading Book Review - All the Wrong Places

Book Title: All the Wrong Places

Author: Joy Fielding

Reviewed By: Barbara N.

This is a very well written book catching your attention from page one. The storyline describes lonely females who want companionship; hoping for a real connection. In their search for a partner, they turn to online dating. The theme of this book follows a handsome, sophisticated psychopath who can adapt to any situation. He enjoys the challenge of selecting women by their online profiles. He then lures them to his apartment and after torturing them, he kills them. He only stays in one place for a short time so as not to get captured.

This book follows a lady named Paige, who he has set his sights on. The events that unfold frustrate him as things keep happening, preventing him from getting them to meet. While he is waiting to get together with Paige, he lures other women into his trap.

The lesson learned from Liar, Liar brings to one’s attention the dangers that can be found with online dating.

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