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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Summer Reading Book Review - The Dry

Book Title: The Dry

Author: Jane Harper

Reviewed By: Lynn D.

When Aaron Falk returns to his childhood home for the funeral of his best friend Luke Hadley and his wife and child, he is met with suspicion, anger and downright hate. Twenty years ago he and his father were driven from the town under accusations of murder, or at least some knowledge of the drowning of one of Aaron's close friends. No one has forgotten and few people welcome him back.

With that history following him, Aaron, a Federal Agent, begins to work with the town's police chief to figure out if the deaths of the Hadley family were the result of a murder/suicide, as they seemed to be, or something else.

Set in rural Australian farm country in the midst of a horrific drought, there is enough reason to believe that Luke had reached the end of his rope. In debt and with his farm failing, he decided to end his own life and take his wife and child with him - or did he? Why did he leave his youngest child alive? Why was his wife's body found near the door? Why was his son's room torn apart? There are enough questions, and certainly enough suspects among the townspeople, to continue investigating - at least off the record. And what did Ellie Deacon's death, twenty years earlier have to do with it?

Why I Picked it Up: This is Jane Harper's debut novel, and it is exceptional. The characters are detailed and well developed. The descriptions of the setting make the heat and the dry of the Australian summer come alive. The plot seamlessly jumps back and forth from the present to Aaron's teenage years.

Why I Finished It: I could not put it down.

I’d Give this Book To: Anyone who like mysteries, especially mysteries set in different countries and cultures.

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