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Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer Reading Book Review - The Summerhouse

Book Title: The Summerhouse

Author: Jude Deveraux

Reviewed By: Doris O.

Three women meet on their mutual 21st birthdays at the DMV. They spend the afternoon together while the DMV corrects and re-corrects their driver’s licenses.

They separate, leading their own lives for 19 years. On their 40th birthday they agree to meet again at the summerhouse in Maine of the therapist of one of them. They compare their lives over the last 19 years and all are deeply unhappy. After a shopping trip in the small town, each discovers a business card of “Madam Zoya” among their purchases. They visit her and are offered a chance to relive three weeks of their choice in the past. During this “time travel” they each make changes in their lives—in their own way. They only have to remember the past “new” 19 years to discover they are happy successful women, now.

Many of Ms. Deveraux’s books contain not only romance and adventure but fantasies about “time travel” or “ghosts.” The books offer insight into interpersonal relationships both family and romantic that we can learn from.

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