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Monday, September 23, 2019

#RandomReview - Ruthless River

Book Title: Ruthless River

Author: Holly FitzGerald

Reviewed By: Lynn D.

This is the true story of Holly & Fitz FitzGerald's terrifying adventure on the Madre de Dios river in South America. Young, practically newlyweds, they planned to explore the world on a belated honeymoon. In South America their trip nearly ended in disaster through a lot of bad luck and a lot of really bad decisions. It is only by the smallest stroke of good luck (and a monkey) that they are rescued from the brink of death.

Why I Picked it Up: Ruthless River is the On the Same Page community read for 2019.

Why I Finished It: The writing was good, the author did a great job of describing the Amazonian jungles and the river. Holly & Fitz were both a little annoying, but I finished the book because I wanted to know how they survived.

I’d Give this Book To: I'd recommend this story to people who like true stories about adventure and survival.

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